Women’s Basic Shooting Skills 2022

This event was previously known as Women on Target.
Some words from an attendee in May of 2022…
This course today was so impressive. Obviously a lot of planning went into this. The student to instructor ratio was very conducive to learning, and to have ample time for practice. Every instructor was knowledgeable, professional, and patient with us beginners. I was very happy when my form for skeet improved after the 3 instructors worked with me. It was very beneficial, and a nice surprise to be able to try out the 4 different modalities presented. I was especially diggin’ the crossbow! l learned so much, all day. The Hale Mountain Gun Club really shone today. What a wonderful thing to offer the community: safety, learning to respect weapons, and to reduce the apprehension of beginners. I heard so many positive comments from my classmates. Everyone enjoyed themselves and learned a lot. (I did have the opportunity to talk up membership!) Thank you, and I would love to attend next year. 

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