Check the club calendar at for the date of our next multigun match. You can find registration pages on the Practiscore calendar page.

What you will need:

  • An AR/AK/military style semi-automatic rifle
    • Non-armor piercing ammo (no M855/SS-109 bullets or Soviet equivalents)
  • A pistol. It should be semi-automatic but a revolver may work for you if you have good skills.
    • Recommended calibers are 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP
  • A shotgun. While you won’t see a lot of shotgun use in Hale Mountain’s Multigun matches, you should be prepared for some shotgun use.
    • Recommended shotguns include the Mossberg 930/940 Pro, Benelli M4, and Beretta 1301
    • Pump action shotguns such as the Mossberg 500/590 may also be used.
  • A way to carry ammo for your firearms. This would be:
    • A belt including a holster and magazine holders for your pistol (required)
    • Some way to carry rifle ammo
      • On your belt
      • Bandoliers (not recommended)
      • Your back pockets (not recommended)
    • If there are shotgun stage(s), some way to carry shotgun ammo

What is Involved:

  • Engaging multiple targets with multiple firearms on the clock
  • Stages will most likely include only 2 of 3 guns possible (ex. a pistol and a rifle). However, a stage may consist of pistol, rifle, and shotgun.
  • Matches may consist of a single stage run multiple times or multiple stages run a single time.

Contact if you would like to participate.