Picture yourself seated on a bench at the covered deck of the Hale Mountain 550 Meter Rifle Range! It’s a calm afternoon. Perhaps a bit brisk. You’re here to toss a few rounds through your brand new 308 rifle to ensure critical accuracy of it’s new optic mounted atop the spectacular piece of hardware. While you’re setting up, you witness 2 deer walk across the meadow at the 300m marker just overlooking the 100m backstop. They tempt you as you load your weapon and prepare. Your targets are set up to sight in that new optic at 100m so the critters are only there for your entertainment as well as the realization of the serenity on the mountain.

Your first shot embraces your expectations of pin point accuracy at 100m as you make some fine adjustments for windage. Your second shot raises the bar just enough to get your adrenaline going just a touch. A calm comes over you as you notice the deer STILL in the meadow, grazing ever so peacefully, yet you realize that deer season starts next month. Slowly you squeeze that third round with deadly force into the bullseye of your paper target.

Then for good measure, #4 gets sunk into the 225m steel plate, #5 pings the 300m plate, #6 rings off the 400m plate, and #7 is a slam dunk, as if you could reach out and touch, the 550m target. Then you realize, where else in Vermont can you become a member of a Fish & Game Club that gives you the opportunity to practice & fine tune your skills at almost a 1/2 mile rifle range??

That’s right! Hale Mountain Fish & Game Club!