Hale Mountain Fish and Game Club rules pertaining to the use of full auto (FA) firearms are as follows:

All firearms used as noted below MUST shoot SUB-sonic ammo (<1,125 ft/s at 68 degrees F) and be SUPPRESSED.

You MUST get RSO (Range Safety Officer) / BOD (Board of Directors) approval to use your firearm. A RSO/BOD member MUST be present while you use your firearm.

Permitted Devices:

  • Registered full auto
  • Binary triggers on rifles (not pistols)

Permitted Hours:

  • Friday and Sunday 9AM to Sunset.

Not Permitted:

  • FRTs (Forced Reset Triggers)
  • Manual bump firing
  • Bump fire stocks
  • Any unregistered full auto device

In order to obtain permission to use your FA or binary trigger firearm, email RSO@hmfgc.org and CC VP@hmfgc.org. Include the following info:

  • firearm configuration to be used
  • desired date/time of use
  • who will be present in your shooting group
  • copy of tax stamp if using registered FA

The RSO/BOD member monitoring your shooting session may stop it for any reason. (excessive noise, etc.)

The only allowed rapid fire with non-FA firearms will be controlled pairs. It will be up to the BOD to review your situation and determine whether or not you have violated this rule.

Any questions about the above policy should be emailed to President@hmfgc.org.