Falling Plates requires pre-registration unless it is your first time. Even then, pre-registration is requested. Please e-mail VP@HMFGC.org to get on the list

Falling Plates is a great way to work on your handgun skills in safe, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere. 

Shooters may use a pistol or a revolver. Common calibers used by our shooters are 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and .38 SPL/.357 MAG.

Each shooter is timed for speed and number of shots taken to knock down 12 or more steel targets. You must reload at least once per string. A quality gun belt, holster, and mag holders are recommended. New shooters are permitted to start from low-ready.

If you are a new shooter, we will explain the commands and walk you through a round. 

Cost is $5.00 per group of 5 strings. We shoot two groups for a total of 10 strings if you stay for the entire morning. If you shoot perfect (you won’t) and we place 12 targets out for the day, you will need 120 rounds. Sometimes there are more than 12 targets and you will miss so bring extra ammo.

Hammers down at 9 AM sharp. We are usually done by noon.